The Twenties: fashion


After years of hardship and fear of war, the ’20s opened like a new era of well-being and optimism.

Society is pervaded by a new sense of freedom and hope, that will bring to call this decade the Roaring Twenties.

1920s Flapper Woman Posing Hand On Hip Holding String Of Pearls Stretching Leg Checking Hosiery Seams

In dressing, for the first time fashion ceases to be reserved for an élite, and becomes open to the masses. Department stores carry the newest clothings immediately available to all. New and artificial and synthetic fabrics, such as rayon, begin to spread considerably, thanks to a lower price of new textile products.

Au café

The hair for the first time will be cut short and small cloche hats are worn down to eyebrows. The evening dresses, sleeveless with thin straps are lightweight and sheer fabrics such as chiffon, tulle, organza and silk, are often embellished with beads and fringes.

Paola Negri




Even the ideal of beauty changes radically:  as an eternal adolescent, woman must now be non-existent breasted and waisted and narrow hipped.


Also in the physical, as in dress, the curves are replaced by straight lines.

The first bras, which make their appearance in these years, have been designed to squeeze the breast rather than enhance it.

Elegance: art déco

Elegance: art déco


To be continued…